Angelia is turning 26


Is there a better way to get your kicks,
Than having your daughter turning 26.
So for this day I though I’d write a rhyme,
As I’ve been known to do from time to time.

My Daughter how lovely her name creates sparks,
Cause she got her name from Richard Marx.
Angelia is her name but she has two others,
We couldn’t make up our mind, blame her Mother.

When she was three a different song played,
She’d run to the TV and there she stayed;
To watch the ship fly across the screen she’d adore,
Watching as they went where no one had gone before.

When not peering into the tv traveling through space,
She would pick up a book and transport to another place.
Mysteries and adventure, buried treasure in the sand,
Reading would be her trek to another land.

But now we see as the years have gone past,
Still loving the things that had created a cast.
Those characters, their passion, those places did emboss;
But none so much as when she read of the Cross.

My Angelia, my daughter, my treasure and guide,
I see so much of what you placed inside.
Your spirit so calming your willingness to share,
What God has done for you, who can compare.
You give sound to those who cannot hear,
You hands speak peace to those that are near.
You teach little ones to seek and explore,
As you at that age knew and adore.

So here at 26 you continue your trek,
Looking for new horizons to explore I suspect.
Here from my window I sit so, so very proud
Maybe sometimes I say it a little too loud

But I can’t apologize for what you have become,
I might even say you are quite awesome.
But there is no hiding my infinite pride,
When I see what you have become deep down inside.

I hope in your life the Lord continues to bless,
This year, the next year, the next year and the next.
No greater adventure could I ever had flown,
Than to see how much in Christ you’ve grown.

At the end of my rhyme you are another year older,
A little wiser, more clever, more creative and bolder.
So when you look at your cake and count the candlesticks,
Remember this is the only time in your life that you’ll be 26.