Family Ministries

As a father of 3 it goes without saying that God has showed me a few things, sometimes even through our children. My wife has been a helpmeet for nearly 30 years. As a Chaplain I witnessed, first hand, the struggles that parents go through… especially when not doing it “God’s way”. The results of the choices, many times, are reflected in our children; so choose wisely.

Many of the sermons on this page are still in outline format as they were preached or taught. I am reworking them over time to be more of a readable study or lesson. For some they can be and idea or perspective in which to look at a subject or passage.

The Tinker Toy Trouble

The year was 1979, Christmas morning, surely a time of peace and happiness. When the time came in the Brewer tradition to open the presents I got the hottest toy…