Time Savers for keeping a Clean Home


The more I visit homes to work with parents and children; the more I realize that the art of cleaning seems to have skipped a generation (or 2). I speak to many well intentioned people that never really learned how to clean or organize their home. Regardless of the reasons, I know there are a number of things that can get in the way of keeping your home in showroom fashion. However, the largest one, is often the easiest one; time.

In this article we are going to point out a few time savers that can help keep your home clean on a daily basis.

Clean As You Go

Procrastination is such an easy thing to do; but it also has the largest ramifications. Often times putting off until tomorrow becomes the next day and the next day. By taking a few quick moments to clean as you go, you frankly; won’t need to “clean house” as often. Momma always said: “You make the mess, you clean it up”. Well, momma has the right idea. If you clean something in each room as you use it; it makes “house work” a simpler chore.

Use Cleaning Wipes

Convenience is something that can be worth the price. Cleaning wipes are a convenient and easy way to clean your home as you go; without the extra prep time. By having cleaning wipes, for example the Clorox brand wipes; in each room you can quickly wipe the counters, toilet, mirrors, table and sinks. This saves the time of finding a sponge, getting the water and detergent, wiping and drying and putting it all way. A cleaning wipe allows you to wipe and walk and get back to the things you want to do.

The No Shoe Rule

As with most homes, keeping the floors clean is a daily chore. Dirt, mud, snow and more gets tracked through the house making a big mess to deal with. Having a “no shoe rule” means having everyone to remove their footwear before entering the home. You can even get a shoe rack or box to place the shoes in outside the doors.

Clutter Chaos

If there is something that can make a clean house look dirty; clutter is it. Mail, clothes, shoes, dishes, magazines, blankets and toys are all things that make a clean house look dirty. It’s amazing how any of these things left out can get the instant reaction and impression that the house is dirty. (although it might be). By just taking a few minutes to deal with the daily mail, put away the toys after you’re done, putting the shoes away, straightening up the magazines; you get the picture, it can really make a big difference on how clean a house really feels.