Tips to keep your kids room organized

Nothing like finishing up a hard days’ work to come home to the kids rooms all a mess. However, with every situation is a teaching opportunity. It’s amazing how many thinks that just because they are the “Pastor’s Kids” that they are going to keep their room better than any other child. In this article we will look at some useful tips to help keep your kids room organized and clean. (or at least try)

Is the problem too many toys?

As a parent I have to say that when my kids were young, I bought them toys all the time. Happy meal toys, dollar toys, birthday toys, Christmas… really, I spoiled them; I admit it. What that led to though, is a room with more stuff than storage; and more items than interest.

In making the mindset of organization and cleaning I really needed to ask myself: “Is the problem that they have too much?” If I was going to set them up with a good pattern to follow, I needed to condense the conundrum and get rid of the toys they didn’t play with anymore.

Everything has a Place and Everything in its Place

After you have gone through the chore of condensing, there is a time of training that needs to take place. The younger you start the better; but training is part of getting the child to understand the need of keeping the room clean. Naturally setting the ensample is important, showing them how and making it a consistent chore will lead to good habits. Reinforce that with keeping your stuff clean and organized as well.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Its hard to put everything in its place if there is no place to put it. Evaluating the storage needs and equipping the room with appropriate storage; will help keep everything looking tidy and proper.

Labeling will help school age children keep things organized and teach a proper path to putting things where they belong; rather than just throwing things in cubbies just to “make it look clean”. Parental guidance will be needed to consistently check to make sure the kids are putting things where they properly go.

Clean As You Go

If you read many of my articles you will know that I advocate the “clean as you go” mindset. This mindset will help the child understand that if they clean as they finish, there is nothing left to clean later. This mindset, coupled with storage and training, can go a long way to helping the child keep their room clean.

The Building Blocks of Success

If we look at each task or chore we have our children do as a building blocks to a responsible work ethic; it takes some of the aggravation of constantly repeating ourselves out. Each opportunity teaches the child to have responsibility, exercise self-control, organizational skills, time management; are all things that can be learned from consistent training and chores.

Naturally you can make cleaning fun for the younger children by making it a game; however, school aged children should learn that responsibilities are as much a part of life and the rewards they bring.