Dispensational Teachings


Many of the sermons on this page are still in outline format as they were preached. I am reworking them over time to be more of a readable study or lesson. For some they can be and idea or perspective in which to look at a subject or passage.

Welcome to the basic teaching through the Dispensations.

The teaching of dispensations is not anything new, in fact it has been a fundamental truth of study since the days the bible was pinned down. The study of dispensations is simply: the study of how God dispensed truth through the ages. For bible believers it is simply how to “rightly divide the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Right Divisions

When the bible says “rightly dividing” we can identify 2 main truths.

  1. There are divisions in the bible.

The divisions in the bible can be observed by time periods, events, Judges, Kings, testaments, covenants, ages, nationalities and more. Learning where these divisions are and why, can help us discern truth and have a better understanding of the word.

  1. It can be wrongly divided.

When the word of God is wrongfully divided you end up with the many different religions and misunderstandings that we see so prevalent today. When people do not put scripture in the proper context, allowing the Bible to identify it’s position, you will end up with biblical heresy. When you hold to it to a point of understanding, and you begin to teach it; you now have false doctrine.

The Bible

“For a lie to be believed, it must contain an element of truth” ~ Pastor James Coffman

There are many different bibles that are in circulation today, in fact, too many to list. This is the challenge I had when I first received Christ. I figured if there was one God and one gospel then there must be just one bible. The church I received Christ in (Little River Baptist Church in Spring Lake, North Carolina) said that the King James Bible was the word of God however, I was not content with just accepting what the preacher said… I needed to prove it.

My studies brought me to this conclusion: there are not hundreds of bible versions… there are only 2; the King James Bible and all the others. Careful comparisons and research into the origins and authors of these “modern versions” should greatly concern someone who truly desires to know that they have the, and are learning from, the truth. (see articles on bible comparisons and videos)

It is because of my personal convictions that all scripture references in my material are without excuse from the King James Bible. If you are wanting to properly and “rightly” divide the word of truth… you should start with the word of truth.

The Chart

This is a basic teaching of dispensations and not an exhaustive examination of the scriptures. It is meant to provide a basic structure for the bible student, as a foundation, to learn and study upon. My chart examines 18 divisions identified by the chart below.

Divisions of Study

  1. Sin and the Fall of Man
  2. Noah
  3. Tower of Babel
  4. Abraham
  5. Moses
  6. Moses and the Law
  7. Life of Christ
  8. Acts and the Transition
  9. The Church
  10. Rapture
  11. Judgement Seat
  12. Marriage Supper
  13. The Great Tribulation
  14. 2nd Coming
  15. The Millennial Kingdom
  16. Battle of Gog and Magog
  17. Great White Throne Judgement

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