Indiana Jonah


In the Theme of Indiana Jonah, let the kids join you in the Quest For The Cross, meeting villans and missonaries on the way. During the journey you can teach that being Saved is the quest of a lifetime.

Idea For The Week

If your church has access to Skype, try to set up a call or calls with Missionaries and their families across the world.To show the kids that there are kids all over the world going through the same problems as they are.

For The Skit

We did the story of Indiana Jonah and a Bad Guy. Indiana had the bible. and the Bad Guy, thinking the bible contained the map to heaven, tried to steal it. So Indiana told him that you had to have to go to the cross to get  to Heaven. So it became the quest for the cross. For the setup we started with the place looking like a old cave with treasures, the second day we were outside of the cave, and the third day we were in Cairo, Egypt

There will be more information to come.