On the side on the Road


Every been driving down the road and noticed someone broken down? What went through your mind?

I recall as a youth thinking “I’d hate to be in your shoes” thinking more about how I’d feel, rather than how that person feels. Place your self in their position… Maybe that car broke an that was the last straw, a bad day topped off by a bad situation. Perhaps a car repair would take away the money they had for groceries, electric or water?

In Luke 10 Jesus tells of a man man that was having a bad day. rather than having his car broke down… HE was broke down, beaten and left for dead. the story goes on to tell of others different reactions to this broken man. (see sermon on the Good Samaritan – Here

Putting ourselves in the other persons shoes, even if for a moment, allows us to see the Heart of God and the compassion He has for lost souls. Perhaps next time, rather than thinking what you might do if it were you… try thinking about what God would do if it were you…