Spoon Hockey



Best suited for grades 2-12

Supplies needed

Fishing line

2 pieces of scrap fabric

Plastic spoon for each child

Wiffle ball or other ball with hole through it


Before the riders arrive hang your ball on the fishing line and secure it down the asle of the bus suspended in midair. Tie a piece of fabric on each end to act as your goalpost.


Give each child a spoon. The goal of the game is to get the ball to the oppenents goalpost using nothing but your spoons. If a child is caught trying to move the ball with their hands or if a child purposely hits another player either with their hands or their spoon they will be disqualified. Bring the ball to the center and shout go, the round has now begun. Once the ball reaches a goalpost the worker is to record the point and move the ball back to the center and restart the game. Play until ___ points are reached.


  • Hang the fishing line securely, the children will be rough on it
  • Have something on hand to rehang the line if it falls
  • If you have small children on your route you may consider moving the rear goal up a couple of rows and seating your small children and any children that have been disqualified in these rows where they can see what is going on but won’t get hurt. (be sure to adjust your center)