5 Finger Prayer List

Suited for kids of all ages!



Teach children a guideline for praying.




Your thumb is the closest finger to you, therefore when you look at your thumb you can remember to pray for those who are closest to you such as your parents, siblings and friends.

Pointer finger

The next finger we see is our pointer finger. When we see this finger we can remember to pray for those who point us in the right direction such as our preacher and our teachers.

Middle finger

The next finger we see is the middle finger. What is so special about the middle finger? It is the tallest of our fingers! With this finger we can remember to pray for those who are over us such as our government.

Ring finger

Next we see the ring finger. What makes this finger unique is that it is the weakest finger, try pushing your 2 ring fingers together. What happened? They bent because this finger is not strong enough to stand on its own. With this finger we pray for those who are weaker then us such as the sick and the elderly.


Now that we have looked at all the other fingers there is just one left. What do you think that this finger represents? That’s right it represents you. There are two special things about the pinkie it is both the shortest finger and the farthest one away. When we put ourselves last on the prayer list it allows us to see things in a different light because once we have prayed for all these other people and problems our problems don’t seem so bad anymore.


So next time you fold your hands to pray and can’t think of anything to say remember your 5 finger prayer list.