Jr. Church Music

With the proper mindset of the Jr. Church, as a way to prepare a child for the Sanctuary service; music should reflect that preparation. Depending on the ages of the children there may be “Bible songs” that can and should be mixed in but, the main songs sung should be the same songs sung in the Sanctuary service.

A Pastoral Observation

A mention must be made here as to the type of music that the Sanctuary service uses for their worship. It is my belief that part of the reasons why many churches have moved to modern methods of worship using rock and pop style music is that children were not taught to love the old hymns of the faith in Jr. Church. Kids. Now, young adults, they are having a culture shock when the move from a Jr. Church program that only sings kids Bible songs and go into a more somber Sanctuary service with traditional worship. This disconnect means they might begin to seek out churches that provide an “experience” rather than worshiping God in the order and manner He desires.