Jr Church Workers


Depending on the size of your Jr. Church you are going to need workers or helpers. These helpers should be volunteers that feel that God could use them in the Jr. Church for the stated purpose  of preparing kids for the sanctuary. With that here are some guidelines to assist with worker selection.

  • Jr Church workers should be volunteers – Those appointed people will not, at times, give it their 100% efforts.

  • Your workers are there to assist, not to disturb the ministry.

  • Workers need to be interviewed and accepted. I have seen too many Jr. Church workers that are there to have a reason NOT to be in the sanctuary service.

  • Teenagers are not the best choice for workers. They might be pliable and obey but lack the authority needed to help in Jr. Church. If your Church is in need of using Teens for the Jr. Church, make sure to choose wisely.

  • Workers are there to assist, not disturb. Have their movements be subtile and not distract from the preaching service.

  • During prayer, workers should not bow and close their eyes to pray. The need to be watching and looking for those children who exhibit behavior signs that may cause trouble.

The Enforcer

Depending on the size of your Jr. Church group you should have an enforcer. This is the one person who shows an increased level of discipline with the group. This person helps to keep the speaker focus on the sermon without spending time on or being distracted by unruly children.

A note to the leadership: There is only so much responsibility that can be placed on volunteers. Most Jr. Church workers are untrained and unpaid; taking liberty to overly chastise workers is an inappropriate use of position. You should rather assist and guide them to help you prepare children for the sanctuary service.