Training the Fundamentals


Cycled Learning

Cycled learning is a pre-established series of lessons and/or sermons meant to cover and recover the fundamentals of the faith and obedience. This can be done, over the course of 1 year 3-3 times. Naturally the lesson examples or sermon presentation can be different, but the fundamental list should remain the same.

Fundamentals of faith and obedience

The Fundamentals of faith and obedience should cover a variety of topics that deal with Biblical principles and behavioral expectations.

1 Timothy 3:15  But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

Fundamentals of faith

  • Salvation

  • Assurance

  • The Bible – Who wrote it and why

  • Prayer – How to talk to God

  • Faith – what is it and how it works

  • Giving –

  • Heroes of the faith – can and should be used as examples of the fundamentals in action.

  • The Church

  • The Pastor and His role

  • Baptism

  • Events and divisions – Old/New Testament, Church, tribulation, rapture, ect.


Having a basic and developing understanding of obedience will create a child who will appreciate the order that God has established. It helps to stiffen rebellious mindsets when they recognize that God has established this order to protect and direct those to the position of leadership.

God, Parents, Those appointed above you, elders, governments, ect. are all areas that a child should learn obedience to. To know that there is a pattern of growth and understanding that will be moved forward through obedience; will create building blocks to proper development.

Training Obedience does not create Robots

After Vietnam, the military began a systematic training program that, laced within all the other programs; a mindset that a soldier needed to be able to question authority. This was accomplished by creating a better understanding of the purpose and use of the chain of command.

This retraining gave troops a greater confidence in the chain of command and the order and purpose of orders and directives, rather than blind obedience. The end result was a fighting force that was taught to think of the total mission objective rather than simple directed submission. Communication increased with a more open understanding within the leadership as well.

If you reflect on Biblical history, every failure of God’s people was due to disobedience. Every age and dispensation failed be a people that thought more of themselves than God’s directives. God understands that, as a child, there are different levels of learning and understanding. Through obedience a child will learn, progressively, the importance and rewards that being faithful and obedient to God will provide.