Minute To Win It – Hangnail


Best Suited for grades 3-6

Minute To Win It – Hangnail

This game can be used as an illustration for teaching children the difficulty of trying to walk the line between the things of God and the things of the world

Supplies Needed

• String or twine 

• 2 posts (something to tie the string to)

• 6 nails


Tie the string to the posts making sure it is fairly taunt. Find nails that have imperfections on the base of the head so they will hang on the string if possible. 


Set a timer for 60 seconds. Inform the contestant that when you say go he/she has 60 seconds to hang all the nails from the string and that they must remain hanging for 3 seconds without being touched (in order to win all nails must be hanging on the string at the same time) If the game is to difficult you may choose to cut the amount of nails that must be hung.

Here is the official instructional video from the show.