Picture Perfect


I recently saw a post on Facebook where a teen group took a picture that I’m sure was innocent in nature… but the final effect, not so much. The end result was the girls leaning forward as to get everyone in the picture but the low cut nature of their shirts lended a quite revealing picture.

Call it a pet peeve or perception; whatever, but often people don’t think clearly when the camera comes out. I’ve seen numerous Christians who drop the gang signs or gansta poses when the camera comes out; but what message are these seemingly innocent poses sending? One of the most valuable tools we have as Christians is our testimony. When we present ourselves as such, the world starts watching!

We must consider how the world views our actions in the same light as Christ would view them (would Jesus be pleased with ________) Posting such pictures on the internet can taint the perception of a Christian who’s goal should be to present Jesus Christ in a way that encourages others to come to Him. So think wisely when the camera comes out.. Ask yourself this simple question: would Jesus be pleased with this?