A Cautious Tale

One of the things that I have noted in the ministry that God has allowed, I have sought to preach, teach and encourage believers to grow in faith and their walk with Jesus Christ. When God moves it should be through conviction, not just an emotion. By doing so it can be a life changing event rather than a short lived feeling that goes away by time you get to the car.

In saying that we come to the Caution. One of the things that makes the Holy Spirit so powerful in peoples lives is how He works though people individually. As one is tender to the Holy Spirit, He can work in areas of ones life showing how they might be closer to Christ. It is important for believers to understand that fact because, God has worked in an area of one’s life that He may have not been allowed to work in that area of someone else’s life. It is easy, and natural, for someone to Judge others because of this; however, let this judgment be reserved. Remember that the Holy Spirit moves as people allow Him to do so.

That still small voice can often be cluttered by the noise of this world. The fact that someone has heeded to the calling of God and made the convicting change in their life is certainly something worthy of gladness, but not at the expense of chastisement of another believer. Perhaps instead; be an encouragement to others, letting them know that if God can work through your life than He can certainly work through theirs. When we are tender to the working of the Holy Spirit and quiet the noise of the world, there is no limit to the possibilities that one can have through faith in God. We must be patient to know that God moves as people allow, so everyone does not grow that same. That is what makes God so special and personal to the believer.

I reflect on a sermon series taught by Evangelist Mark Rogers where he noted: “read your own mail”. Allow God to deal with you and let God deal with them… We can be an ensample that God can use for others to see… but allow it to be seen through His eyes and not your lips.