Things you don’t need to pray for


There are things you don’t need to pray for.  I ask someone the other day “Are you coming to church?” His answer was “I’ll pray about it.”  Pray about it? What is there to pray about?  That would be like my son asking if it was ok to clean his room.  There are reasons why we have “Thus saith the Lord” … so there is no question what God wants.   God has put in His word laws, natural and spiritual, so that there is really no question as to what God wants.  Do we pray “Lord, should I murder someone today?” Why of course not! We have a natural law that says THOU SHALT NOT KILL.  So let’s look at some basics: Reading the Bible, coming to church, tithing, worship these are things that need no prayer; it is what God desires HIS people to do.  Prayer is what we do when we fellowship with God; it includes reverence, praise, expectation and satisfaction as we make out petitions to the Lord… Prayer is something we should do without ceasing: for the purpose again of fellowship with our “best friend”

So make your prayers count, don’t count on prayers to make.