Woven In Truth


Suitable for kids of all ages!

Supplies Needed

  • 2 Balls of yarn
  • Stopwatch


The children with the balls of yarn are to find the end, grab ahold of it and say their name and one interesting fact about themselves. They should then throw the yarn to someone else on the bus (without letting go of their end) who will do the same thing. Continue this until the worker says time is up or the yarn runs out. Choose two of your workers to be the participants. They are going to race one at a time through the web without breaking any strands. When a strand is broken there turn is over. Who ever gets the farthest is the winner, if they both complete the course then the one with the best time is the winner.


  • Pre pick your contestents and have them sitting up front so they dont have to work their way to the front before they play.
  • If you can, choose a male and a female worker to be your contestants. Kids love girl against boy challenges.
  • Tell the children to throw it to someone who has not had a turn yet.