Loud and Soft

Suitable for kids of all ages!

Loud and Soft


Small prizes to hide

Slips of paper with the memory verse


Give every child a memory verse paper then choose two children to play your game, one will be your “hider” the other your “seeker”. Send your seeker out of the room with a helper while the hider hides the object somewhere in the room, after your hider is finished call your seeker into the room to find the object. While the seeker is looking for the object the rest of the class should be saying the verse the closer the seeker gets to the object the louder the verse should be said, the farther away your seeker gets the quieter the verses should be said. Once the seeker finds the object it becomes theirs to keep. Choose new players and repeat as time permits.



If you have time allow your hiders to get a chance to seek so they get a chance to win a prize.

If you are on time constraints you can set a time limit for them to find it in, if they cant find it before time is up the hider reveals the spot and the seeker doesn’t get the prize.

Children love to see their teacher/workers finding the prize.