The Corner Game


Suitable for kids of all ages! 

The Corner Game


  • Slips of paper with memory verse  
  • small prizes


  • Give each child a verse paper
  • Choose one child to stand facing the corner he/she will be your guesser
  • Choose at least one child by a tap on the head (after your guesser is facing wall) this child will read the verse in the craziest voice they can.
  • if the guesser correctly guesses who was reading the verse they recieve a prize. If the guesser is unable to figure out who read the verse then the reader reveals himself and gets the prize.
  • Choose new players and repeat as time permits.


  • Don’t choose children who are asking to be chosen or waving around their hands because the guesser probably heard or saw them.
  • Dont pit close friends against one another.
  • For your final round choose every child (except the guesser) to read the verse.