I took a step and then another


I took a step and then another and then I heard a scream.
I stepped the more, what’s that for… as it got a little louder it seemed.

Down a step and then back up wondering where the noise was from?
Getting louder, thumping soundly, sometimes like a drum.

Listening to the left and then the right a moan, a pop, it’s loud.
Does noone hear it or do they just ignore it, these faceless people in the crowd.

Do they not care how loud it is, does it not fit their noble cause?
Searching, listening, looking, hearing the sharp noise sometimes will pause.

The sound keeps changing like it’s aging.
Sometimes a whisper other times raging.

I take a step and then another from who can this scream be?
I stop a moment and then I notice… the scream is coming from me.

Inside my heart is screaming loud I try to not let it show.
The pain I hide behind the smile, some will never know.